Warming Up at Rooster and Rice

While we were in the Bay Area for the terrible Texas vs. Berkeley game (see Burnt Orange Nation's woeful recap or Oregon Live's which is more to the point), the redhead and I were are able to slightly offset the defeat by eating our way though San Francisco. One of my favorite lunch stops was Rooster and Rice in Cow Hollow. 

Rooster and Rice serves khao man gai. If If you haven’t heard of khao man gai, it’s Thai chicken and rice with a delicious spicy chili, ginger, garlic and soybean sauce that you eat with a broth. Rooster and Rice also serves a vegetarian option with organic brown rice, tofu, and vegetables. You alternate bites of the chicken and rice (or in my case, tofu and rice) with sips of hot broth. Here’s a video on how you eat it from Nong’s Khao Man Gai in Portland.

By the way, four months later, the redhead still hasn’t recovered from the Horns' loss.