Southwest Airlines Companion Pass Obtained

Throughout 2016, the redhead was working hard to earn the Southwest Airlines Companion pass. This rewards program lets the most loyal of Southwest customers bring a friend with them on flights practically for free. In November, he got it and guess who he chose as his companion? If you guessed a Chipotle burrito, you are wrong. The companion does indeed need to be human, otherwise he may have actually chosen the burrito. The burrito wouldn’t have minded a middle seat, doesn’t cry, and isn’t loud, but may have had trouble going through security without taking off its aluminum jacket, and would have needed help boarding. It would always need to board with families with small children and passengers requiring additional assistance boarding the plane, right before boarding group B. 

I digress. Who’s almost as good as a Chipotle burrito? Me!

Growing up, I didn’t get have the privilege of traveling much as my parents were always working long hours and we didn’t have the resources. As an adult, I LOVE traveling and exploring new places, sights, locally-made items, and of course trying new food! Unfortunately in my career, I had limited vacation time and often took my PTO to hustle and do freelance work. When I finally got a job with a decent amount of vacation, scheduling days off was a sticky situation and it was extremely difficult to get approved with no rhyme or reason.

The redhead didn't travel much as a child, either, at least not by plane. Family trips were through parts of the Southwest— West Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, etc. His family really likes the desert. For being such pale people, I was surprised about this, but to each their own (with adequate sun protection).

Needless to say, we were both thrilled for the opportunity to travel across the country for approximately $6 dollars in fees.

2017 will be full of travel adventures, and I’ll be blogging about the Companion Pass here and posting even more on Instagram.

Photo credit: Jamie Jones Photography