Flip Happy Birthday Crepes

Vanilla pastry cream & berries crepe from Flip Happy

I took two days off of work to celebrate my birthday this year. I started off the two days of fun at Flip Happy Crepes.

Flip Happy menu

I went with the three cheese savory crepe. Most bites were pretty good. A few bites were like cheesy spinach-y caramelized onion heaven. I wished all the bites were so magical. The three cheese didn't photograph so well.


The redhead took two days off to celebrate my birthday, too.

Flip Happy Crepes Berry Dessert Crepe

He ordered the berries and pastry cream dessert crepe. It tasted like a fresh fruit tart. He hates fresh fruit tarts; I love them. I think he should have stuck with chocolate. Since he didn't, I got to finish up his crepe.

Flip Happy finish

I've heard tons of great reviews of Flip Happy, the only complaints are usually the long wait. If you go to Flip Happy Crepes on an overcast Thursday around 11:00am when it it looks it's going to rain, there's almost no wait. I need to go back and try something Nutella-filled.


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the nutella one is amaaaazing.
what i do when it's sunny is call ahead and place a to-go order...takes like 15 minutes and you can go straight to the window and pick it up. then i find an empty table :)
Sharon, thanks for the tip. I told Chris about it in case it would have to come to that. Which Nutella crepe one did you have? I want Nutella + strawberries.
Flip Happy has been on my to-do list for over a year now. Thanks for the reminder- looks scrumptious!
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