Doodle Dining Club: Lucy's Fried Chicken

It's National Fried Chicken Day! I promise I didn't make this one up. Check CNN's Eatocracy for more details. To celebrate this obscure holiday, I bring you a fried chicken-related post. 

Lucy's Fried Chicken
is yet another place that seems like I, as a vegetarian of many years, might not go to. My friend Meagan chose this as her first Doodle Dining Club adventure. You might remember the other adventure at Justine's, or the many trips to Franklin BBQ - I seem to go to plenty of places a veggie might not make their first pick.

As the name and the menu suggest, Lucy's specializes in fried chicken.

We started off with drinks. All the ladies had Juicy Lucy water melon margaritas. I somehow ended up with multiple limes.

To start, we shared the cornbread muffins with tequila butter. Yum! Meagan wanted the calf fries (others refused), and the chicken eaters got a big bucket o' chicken.

I had the fire kissed vegetable skewers. they were surprisingly good and thankfully came on top of a bed of greens.

There was some sort of issue with our order, so we got a table full of complimentary pie. The waiter said there was pie in our future. He was right. There was plenty. We had shoofly, s'mores, key lime. We had high blood sugar for the rest of the week.