Coolhaus Ice Cream Sandwich


via Tina Phan

I tried an ice cream sandwich from the Austin Coolhaus.

Blog followers know that I can't resist a dessert truck. This fairly new ice cream truck hails from Los Angeles. The Austin incarnation of Coolhaus is tucked away in East Austin, in the East Austin Trailer (E.A.T.) Park and Eatery across the park from The WonderCraft. Y'all know I love Wonder Craft. Check out my WonderCraft posts.

The treat: Mint ice cream with chocolate cookies.
The verdict: Yummy, but expensive at $4. Also, too much ice cream sandwich for one kathyphantastic.

This made me wish they offered half portions for $2.

Next time, I'll be getting the lemon ice cream with ginger cookies. This is what Tina Phan got. It's not that mine wasn't good, it was. It's that hers was amazing. Maybe we'll be able to share?

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I totally saw something about this truck in LA awhile back and thought...I should create something like it here in Austin. Looks like I was too slow!
My mother was always big on homemade ginger cookies with lemon curd in the winter months. As I child I just wanted chocolate chip, but as my tastes evolved it slowly became a pleasant memory.

I will have to try the lemon ice cream with ginger cookies Saturday.

I agree, their sandwiches are too large for one person and difficult to share. The best was during the Austin Ice Cream Festival, they had mini sandwiches for $2 that were just right! Maybe they'll resurrect the minis for Gypsy Picnic this weekend!