Boston Brunch at Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to be sent to Boston for a conference. My work best friends and I made a mini-vacay of it and even added a few days to the beginning for adventures.

Being a lover of brunch, I made my ladies fuel our first full day in Beantown with a brunch from Beacon Hill Hotel and Bistro.

Lindsay and I both ordered the cider braised apple french toast, and Meagan had the frittata. Sorry for the weird cropping as I had to snap this photos quickly. I just couldn't wait to eat it.

Brunch was the perfect start for a historical day on The Freedom Trail.

Note: Brunch was also where Meagan began reading The Complete Guide to Boston's Freedom Trail to us. Get your own copy here. Meagan's book on tape isn't available...yet.